The Spitfires Wheelchair Sports Association was formed in 1976 and promoted wheelchair sports, encouraged the integration of able and disabled people, and provided competitive and recreational sports for all to benefit from. Initially we were involved in many sports including track and field, wheelchair gym hockey, swimming and basketball. Over the years the Spitfires concentrated on wheelchair basketball and hosted many tournaments including the Glenn Hibbert tournament, the Paul Lane Classic, the Cynthia Bryce tournament and the famous Spitfire Challenge.

Although our Spitfires wheelchair basketball team Spitfire Player all time Scoring Statswill no longer continue. I hope that the sport will continue to thrive with the New Vaughan City Lashers a team comprised of many players who have either been members of the Spitfires or participated in the Spitfire Challenge contact :Reg McClellan <> and the Variety Village wheelchair basketball program in the Greater Toronto area. And I want to thank every member and volunteer over the years for making the team such an enjoyable experience.

We will if funding allows us to still be active in Ontario helping schools, groups and organizations with disability awareness programs by loaning them wheelchairs for their function.

Also we will continue to help out programs like Participation house in Brantford, Ontario with the loan of 12 wheelchairs for their disability awareness programs and fundraisers. We also will continue to help out the University of Waterloo in Ontario with the loan of wheelchairs for their charity events. We also will try and help students at the University of Guelph in Ontario with their formation of a wheelchair basketball program for disabled and able bodied with technical support and loaner wheelchairs whenever they need our assistance.

I am however very happy to inform you, that I and my many friends who help organize and co-ordinate this event have pledged a commitment to future Spitfire Challenges. We wish to thank the many teams that have traveled to Toronto and participated in the Spitfire Challenge over the years. We also wish all club teams the best in their league championships and national paralympic teams the best in future World Championships and Paralympics. For comprehensive compilation of Paralympic statistics from 1992 to the present, complete Spitfire Challenge statistics from 1980 to the present please check our Spitfire Challenge website.

Michael Bryce and The Spitfire Challenge